Training products

We provide scientifically tested, high-quality Finnish teaching methods for foreign educators. We apply latest educational theory into practical solutions. Here are some examples of our expertise. The content and length of the training is always tailored to meet your individual needs.

A. leadership and the curriculum - building the curriculum-based learning

  • For administration in developing schools and teaching
  • The basics of curriculum as a tool for leadership & school operating culture. How to make it better?
  • How to improve students' and parents’ participation
  • Controlling the learning through curriculum: using formative assessment

B. tools for teaching

  • Practical tools for teachers to learning to use versatile teaching methods and boost their students' learning
  • Learning environment and versatile working methods - the Finnish way
  • Integration of studies - learning for understanding
  • Formative assessment: boosting learning through versatile assessment methods
  • Pedagogical ICT-solutions: Learn how to integrate educational technology into your teaching

C. pedagogical well-being

  • Administrative guidance and support for reaching the goals
  • Guidance counselling: Practical methods for supporting students' welfare and for reaching their goals. Improving students-parents-school collaboration.
  • School’s operating culture – How to make it better?


D. Tailored courses to meet your needs

We are ready to tailor the course content and length to suit to your individual needs. We also provide long-term cooperation programs to nurturing learning culture, improving learning for understanding or elaborating curriculum at your school.

We also offer facilities and know-how to organize unforgettable camping schools at one of the most unique environment in the world!


Partner Schools

We have many years of experience to organize partner school cooperation between Finnish and Chinese schools.  The partnership between schools involve e.g. education, culture and art exchange, and student or teacher exchange activities. The partnership enhances friendly relationship between the parties involved.

Visitors from Beijing at Nojanmaa school in August 2018.

”The pupils from our Chinese partner school visited us at the beginning of the school year for three days. Pupils participated in different classes from different subjects together with Finnish pupils. All the pupils, as well as their teachers, told that they really enjoyed the visit at Finnish comprehensive school, and that it differs in many respects from Chinese school system. The most popular subjects among pupils were home economics, physical education and English. Also our pupils, after they managed to overcome their shyness, were eager to show our guests how we study at Finnish school.”

(The principal Markku Kiiski of Mertala School)

Interested to become a partner school? Contact us

Sister school partnerships:

Talvisalo school & Experimental School attached to Haidian Teachers Training College
Pihlajaniemi school & Taishan Bowen Middle School
Nätki school & Shuangyushu No.1 Primary School Haidian District Beijing
Mertala school & Beijing Jingshan School Yuanyang Branch (Chaoyang District)
Nojanmaa school & Beijing Haidian Shangdi Experimental Primary School
Kellarpelto school & Huayuancun No.2 Primary School
Punkaharju school & Beijing National Day School, Longyue
Sulkava school & Changsha Lushan International Experimental School
Munkkiniemi school & Beijing Academy School (Chaoyang District)
Lyseo high school & High School Attached to NWNU
Savonlinna Senior Secondary School of Arts and Music & Middle School Attached to Northern Jiaotong University
Kalevan lukio Senior Secondary School, Tampere & High School Affiliated to BIT

Cooperation partners of SIEC:

The Primary School attached to Xi’An Jiao Tong University & Yi Pin Nuo Cultural Development Co,. Ltd
QingDao Attached Primary School of Nanjing Normal University
QuJiang South Lake Education Consortium
Ji Bei Primary School
QingDao Attached School of Nanjing Normal University (Laoshan No.5 middle school)
WeiSiLu primary school
Jinan Tianshan Foreign Language School
QingYi primary school
Qingdao Municipal Education Bureau, China