Our experience

We are supported by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

”Savonlinna International Education Center (SIEC) plan is a strong contribution for international cooperation development with any country.”
(Statement by the Finnish National Agency for Education, 2017)

Our team consists of qualified, experienced, professional educators with researcher´s background.

We have a profound understanding of Chinese culture and schooling system, and a long experience of cooperating with China; Haidian, Beijing, Gansu, Shandong and Hunan, as well as with Russia in St. Petersburg and Vyborg.


Our experience consists mainly of:

  • trainings made for Chinese administrators and teachers
  • lecturing at educational forums about Finnish school system e.g. in Beijing and Lanzhou
  • successful partner school cooperation with numerous Chinese schools
  • student exchange
  • organizing of Finnish-Chinese Culture and Art Festival in Savonlinna with our Chinese partners

Finnish curriculum as foundation

”The main objective of Finnish education policy is to offer all citizens equal opportunities to receive education. The focus in education is on learning rather than testing.” (Finnish National Agency for Education)

In Finland we have the best education system in the world that is based on long curriculum development. Finland’s excellent learning outcomes are the result of research-based pedagogy and its innovative approach to teaching and learning. Teachers are qualified professionals who enjoy professional freedom and trust. Schools and teachers are free to execute their own ideas following the guidelines of the national and local curriculum. All pupils are treated equally; equal learning opportunities are provided for all.

Learn more about Finnish education system: http://www.eduexport.fi/why-finland

PISA results

For many years Finland has consistently achieved very high scores and world-leading results in the PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) surveys.

Finnish schools are on the top of the performance in science, reading and mathematics.

” This top performance is also remarkably consistent across schools! ” (Strong Performers and Successful Reformers in Education: Lessons from PISA for the United States © OECD 2010)

Why Finnish education leads to excellent outcomes?

  • Based on long curriculum development
  • Includes top of the world teacher training
  • Focuses learning for understanding
  • Combines social and individual learning methods
  • Versatile assessment methods
  • Adaptable working methods and learning environments
  • Effective subject integration
  • Comprehends student as a subject not as an object
  • Creates meaningful learning
  • Provides equal opportunities for all